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Chimacum, WA  98325


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About One Straw Ranch

One Straw Ranch is owned and operated by Charlotte and Martin Frederickson. We are a small family farm in Jefferson County, Washington raising animals on pasture. We are committed to raising our animals as naturally as possible, without any additional hormones or unnecessary medications, to produce delicious, wholesome food for you and your family. The health benefits of pasture raised meats and eggs are becoming ever more apparent, and the flavor is incomparable. Try it for yourself today ~ you’ll be glad you did!

What we Believe 

Why Grass-fed 

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At One Straw Ranch we are growing honest food through reverence for the environment, concern for the community, and respect for the dignity of the animals in our care.


Our name was inspired by The One Straw Revolution, a book by Japanese farmer and natural philosopher Masanobu Fukuoka. It is an affirming narrative about witnessing natural systems and learning how to live WITH the land and IN the land rather than ON the land. It presents a revolutionary form of agriculture that heals the earth and the human spirit. Fukuoka affirms that any positive change, any revolution, is made possible

one straw at a time!


  • Healthy for the animal.

  • Healthy for the environment.

  • Healthy for you.

  • It tastes delicious!