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Nest is our line of wool and home products, crafted from materials produced by the animals on our farm.


Wool from our Romney sheep is available as yarn, raw fleece, roving, and quilting and felting batts.  Romney fiber is durable and lustrous. It is a superb hand spinning fiber and works up wonderfully into warm outerwear such as socks, sweaters and gloves. Colors range from natural white through varied shades of gray to nearly-black, with gorgeous brown highlights, all without dyes.
Each sheep lovingly grows only one fleece per year so all of our fiber products are one-of-a-kind limited release! On the label you will find the name of the sheep, but even from year-to-year a sheep's fleece changes subtly. Any fiber art you make from Ewe-nion Wool will have it's own 'vintage' and be truly one of a kind!


Our luxuriant, long lasting soap is handcrafted right here on the farm. First we render tallow and lard from our own grass-fed beef and pastured pigs to make an old fashioned soap that both feels wonderful on your skin and is part of the sustainable vision of our ecological farming philosophy. Then we lightly scent the creamy, rich bars with on-farm harvested botanicals (such as rosemary & poppy seed), favorite pantry provisions (such as coffee, cinnamon, turmeric & egg!), or a smidgen of high quality essential oil (such as orange & clove). It's the only hand and body soap we use in the One Straw ranch house!

Suet Cakes

These wild bird suet feeders are made with just a few simple ingredients so your feathered backyard friends can eat as well as you do. Just small-batch rendered tallow from the same One Straw grass fed beef you love to put on your dinner plate, grain grown in Chimacum, and a sprinkling of seeds from the garden! 

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