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Custom Processed Meats

Save big and fill the freezer with meat cut to YOUR specifications!

~All meat is sold frozen~

Purchasing custom processed meats gives you the greatest savings - up to 32% savings over by-the-cut pricing - and the greatest customization for your own needs. Do you prefer your steaks thick-cut, or want your roasts a little smaller or a little bigger? Custom Processing is for you!

With Custom Processing, you purchase a whole, half or quarter animal prior to slaughter. The animal is slaughtered on our farm and taken to a local butcher to be cut and wrapped to your specifications. After the meat has been frozen, you can pick up the meat directly from the butcher.


There are some trade-offs for the big savings - you need to pick up the meat from the butcher in a timely fashion, and you'll need freezer space to store it - two shelves in a standard upright freezer for a quarter beef or half hog. But, you may find that the savings will pay for a new freezer with the first purchase, setting you up for ongoing savings in the years to come!

The following links will download a detailed pricing estimate:

Quarter Beef - 25% Savings over by-the-cut pricing!

Half Beef - 28% Savings!

Whole Beef - 29% Savings!

Half Pig - 30% Savings!

Whole Pig - 32% Savings!

Whole Lamb - 23% Savings!